Who Are The Chrome kids

The CHROME kids are a collective of misfits, degens, artists, and forward-thinkers coming together to build a new vision for the metaverse. Through creativity, community, and collaboration we aim to bridge fashion, design, and culture establishing our domain in this new digital world.

An original collection of 3,333 misfits traveling across time periods, drawing inspiration from the art and subcultures of the past. Each CHROME kid gives you access to the CHROMEverse to explore new experiences across physical and digital landscapes.

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Losing my mind.


Started marketing in web2 now learning and growing in the web3 space. from working with early-stage startups to working with the CHROME kids and doing dope shit with the Chromies.


Web developer turned blockchain and solidity maxi. On the cutting edge, always.


Fullstack software developer passionate about web3. Worked with startups and various Fortune 50 companies. Powered by tequila, red wine, and sushi.